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meet our founder

Triny Beaty

Yes, she's really an Atlanta native. Half-Venezuelan. Triny is a media and communications expert with over a decade in news and film production. She received her B.A. in Journalism and Theatre from Georgia State and went on to pursue an M.F.A. in Film / TV from Savannah College of Art and Design. In between degrees, Triny experienced what is was like to be Elle Wood's at Harvard's marketing department and became an NLP certified business coach. Over the years, she has held roles on both sides of the camera, from executive producer to reporter. She spent her early-twenties running around newsrooms like CNN Espanol, CNN International, Univision, GPB and its affiliate GSUTV. Her career in broadcast kicked off when she secured a spot as a radio-personality. The station originally fired her from her sales position, when they discovered she had a pretty good sense of humor.


CineReal emerged when the world was on fire. Spinning in slow motion, as it became smaller.

Everything of little value fell by the wayside, and our loved ones took on new meaning.

We became philosophers and creatures of introspection. 

There was massive, global disruption. People were faced with uncertainty. 

Businesses were left to sink or swim. 

It's all about perspective, isn't it?

The innovators who survived and thrived, found a way to meet consumers where they were at - absorbing content at unprecedented rates. 

Daily online consumption doubled to nearly seven hours; cable TV, YouTube, Tik-Tok, streaming platforms, you name it. Advertisers had Super Bowl sized audiences regularly. 

Videos have the power to heal, restore, and entertain. CineReal's intention is to bring advertisers closer to their consumers using content that matters. Commercials, branding, and educational videos, and more. 

We're a production agency focused on giving artists a space to express their talent. From the teams we select, to the actors we cast, we're dedicated to bring you the story.

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the values we live by, in & out of the office



Being real, authentic and vulnerable has a compounding effect. It's easy to detect, yet hard to define. It's an acquired skill, that like any other, just takes practice. Replace self-protection with self-discovery, and build long-lasting relationships.


Acting and behaving with compassion goes a long way in business. This is how we connect with our audience and interact with our team. Practising empathy means understanding each other and respecting our counterparts model of the world.


Agility is the ability to pivot quickly in a forward direction. It's a dance between stability and dynamism. A workforce is a living organism. Not a machine. It thrives on leadership, team building and flexible resources - and we found the balance.


Innovation occurs where freedom begins. We encourage our partners and team members to be inquisitive, creative and entrepreneurial. Watch how your life changes for the better, when liberty is at the center.