An emotional take on motherhood from a Guatemalan orphan

Back home in Guatemala, Yeimy lost her parents before she was old enough to count. Her grandmother stepped in to raise her, and then she passed away too. By the time Yeimy was a teenager. "When I became an orphan, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have a family," the 21-years-old said. Now, she has two kids, Jefferson and Jamie.

Jamie was born in September so this will be their first Christmas together as a family. Yeimy has been praying for a stroller for her baby girl.

As for the young man of the house, Jefferson dreams to be a chef one day and insists his newborn sister Jamie will be his sous-chef. He has asked Santa for a tablet to learn how to spell.

As for Jefferson and Jamie's mother, she strives to give the two the childhood she never had. She is grateful for her children's health and God's grace.

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