A mother picks between food or seeing her daughter in the ICU

Dielyn just uttered her first words, “mom” and “dad” - a day her parents never thought they would see.

Her mother Nikki was told that she had no chance to survive after she was born six-weeks-prematurely. For the next 65 days, she and her husband would visit Deilyn in the NICU. The taxi fare was so heavy to bare, that the unemployed parents would go days without eating, hot water or electricity. "I had to choose between food or seeing my daughter, and it was the easiest choice I have had to make," said the young mom. When asked to describe the perfect Christmas, Niki said “as long as I have my little miracle, that’s all I need.” Deilyn turns two-years-old in January.

She wants a Disney Minnie Mouse car to drive around the neighborhood.

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